Night Down Town – Stag Do and Post Blackening tips!

Only & Sons, Selected Homme and Guide London. Shirts Denim Jeans and waistcoats

Wedding season is coming upon us. While brides are busy planning and re-planning table plans, flower arrangements and the like. Bestman across the island are occupying their spare time thinking up of the best way to embarrass their best friends! This once in a lifetime experience to dress the groom up as a lass, a donkey and everything in between can only be superseded the big day itself – the blackening!

Stag Do night on town

There’s a lot to decide.

  • Bus tour round the West mainland?
  • Pit stop at the Orkney Brewery?
  • Begin with Scapa Whisky Experience or Heritage Tour at Highland Park?
  • When to have the first game of Queens?
  • Is too early for a dirty pint?
  • Escape the island for a boys on tour weekend.

Whatever you decide, don’t be left a clown amongst the boys! For the night on the town of a stag do, Sclaters menswear in Orkney recommend a slick slim fit shirt with a snazzy waistcoat. Both shirt and waistcoat pictured are by Guide London which has been a well known brand of ours for many a year. If burning holes in the dance floor is your thing, the high content of cotton in the shirts will keep you from perspiring too much. Only & Sons provide a slim cut black denim jeans. If you don’t already have in your wardrobe, it should be on your to do list before 2017 is out. Black denims are everywhere and will compliment most trends this year. Tweed blazers have burst onto the fashion scene. The option below from Gibson of London can be twinned with a polo neck. Camel being the colour of choice from Guide London below. We also stock other colours from Selected Homme. Again, we’ve elected for this seasons favourite, black denim jeans from Only & Sons.




Post Blackening night on town

The special day. Capture the groom. Cover him in your choice of molasses, treacle, dung, cornflakes, rice and anything else which takes your fancy. Parade him through the town. Tie him naked to the market cross as a spectacle for all to laugh at. Leave him to sweat until you dunk him in the basin for a wash! Once all of this is complete and you’ve patted yourself on the back for a good job well done, it’s time to hit the town for a night of mischief! There is much to plan, so leave it to Sclaters menswear in Orkney with our suggestion of what to wear.


distress denims with check shirt and leather jacket, all by Only & Sons
Only & Sons check shirt with leather jacket
Only & Sons Loom distress denims

Distress denim jeans can be spotted all over the town at the moment. Our specialist denim brand Only & Sons has these distressed slim cut denims. Checked shirts come in all variety of colours. Priority number one is to grab an athletic fit shirt which does not hang too low, anything below your crotch is too low! Only & Sons supply us with leather jackets season after season which stay on trend and are affordable.




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