Summer Shirts worthy of a Masters Winner

Orkney had a peedie taste of Summer weather this week. Sunny skylines have put us in the mood for a window display based on our new collection of Summer Shirts.

Last Night – The Masters

Congratulations to Sergio Garcia for winning The Masters on Sunday night! A much coveted honour for the world of golf. The most famous Green Jacket now hanging your wardrobe.

Most of us would love to own this particular Green Jacket. However, the fit and colour is outdated for all of us non golf professionals! Maybe you are planning on winning The Masters soon. Otherwise, a Navy or Grey suit will allow you to attend most Summer occasions, remaining versatile enough to match with any of our Summer Shirts.


Summer Suiting guidance

At Sclaters Styland, we have a selection of mix and match suits. Mix and match basically means we can cater for all shapes and sizes. Even if you are shaped like Desperate Dan or Hen Broon you can still look fine and Dandy. Your chest measurements are mixed with short regular or long length jacket. Similarly, your waste size can be matched with your leg length, resulting in a great fitting suit. Sclaters has been tailoring suits on Albert Street for over 100 years, we experience to know when a suit fits right!


Navy Suit Blue Shirt Pink Tie
Navy Gibson London 3 piece suit Guide London patterned shirt Pink Tie


…and don’t forget our renowned waistcoats!

No need to wear a full suit to dress things up. There is a wide range of waistcoats from Gibson London to compliment our Summer Shirts. Checked waistcoats or perhaps floral ties paired with a shirt works well to personalise your outfit. Too many patterns can be busy on the eye, thus if opting for a patterned shirt we suggest a single coloured tie.


For a more relaxed look, ditch the neckwear altogether and offer up some chesty love for your audience.


Pink shirt bowtie airforce blue wiaistcoat
Pink Guide London shirt Navy Red and White bowtie and Gibson of London airforce blue waistcoat
Pink Shirt Checked waistcoat
Gibson of London checkered waistcoat with Guide London pink shirt
Blue Shirt Dark navy tie Grey waistcoat
Guide London premium collection blue shirt. Selected Homme navy tie> Gibson London grey waistcoat


Blue circle shirt navy trim Navy waistcoat
Guide London Blue shirt with small circles and Navy trim. Gibson of London navy athletic fit waistcoat

Summer florals and Paisley patterns

Everyday is a school day. Having captured our navy Paisley pattern shirt by Guide London. I was preparing to take pride in our nation. Believing the wee town just outside of Glasgow laid claim to this twisted teardrop design. However, after a quick search on Wikipedia, the design is Persian and is only named Paisley pattern in the west as this is where the designs were produced.

Paisley Pattern shirt
Guide London paisley pattern shirt
Guide London White shirt
Guide London white shirt Spring Summer 2017 with floral pattern detail














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