Prom Time – Student Advice


Sclaters Styland thought a good respite from the focus of exams to turn our attention to your annual Prom. With a history in formal menswear, we want to give a little heads up on what shirts and suits combinations will have you complimenting your date.

Pick the right one

Promposals are a big deal state side. Within the past few weeks we have seen dreams come true for guys after being dumped by their childhood sweethearts. Kylie Jenner joined in a prom down in Sacramento for one of her fans.
Proof in the pudding you never know who might turn up, Taylor Swift, Rhianna and Katy Perry have all surprised students in past years. We do not aim to give relationship advice out, but once the right one is picked we will point you in the right direction for what to wear!

Be brave

This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity! There will be other black tie events, weddings and graduations to name a few. But, there is only 1 final year of secondary school. Whether it is the Kirkwall Grammar or Stromness Academy, make sure you put a peedie bit of thought into how you want to look. As the saying goers, fortune favours the brave.

Down to business – The Fit.

Suiting and formal wear may seem a mine field. Sclaters Styland are here to help. Most important of all, is to make sure the fit is correct. At 16,17, 18 we grow in height and width at different rates. This is normal! Come in to the store, with time in hand, and take the time to have a correctly fitted suit and shirt to wear to your prom. We have suits for all shapes and sizes.
Prom Suits Prom Suits

The Colour

Your photo for this night will last long in the memory. Most likely, this will be your first suit and the only suit for a number of years. Choose something which will last the test of time and can compliment many shirts. Navy, Grey and Black are our suggestions. Leave the powder blue suits in the movies!

Shirt and Tie

Now, you can have a play with the shirt. The more lavish a shirt, such as our paisley patterned shirt photographed, the less requirement there is to wear a tie. If you opt for a simple shirt, be brave in your colour of tie.
Paisley pattern shirt and Navy Suit Prom 3 piece navy suit with paisley pattern shirt prom Pink tie and pocket square prom combination tie and pocket square prom