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For over a year Sclaters Styland have been quietly building our Social Media profile. We don’t aim to hound people and over load with irrelevant info. We are proud of being Orcadian and have relevant clothing for Orkney weather conditions, Orkney social activities and Orkney events.


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Latest Social Media

This past week’s Instagram story has been loaded with our New Arrivals! Selected Homme, Only and Sons and our *NEW LABEL* Born Rich have us prepared for the Summer. Incredibly proud of local boy Will Atkinson representing us on BBC Radio1. Listen to Will on the first Thursday of every month on Radio 1 to get your mind blown! Will loves our Only and Sons clothes, keeping him on edge and current.

Summer T and Jeans

Straight from Scandinavia

4 years ago Sclaters Styland began stocking “Only and Sons” and “Selected Homme” brands. Loving the fabrics and fit of our Scandinavian neighbours, they suit our climate and lifestyle perfectly up in the North of Scotland. The striped T shirts and floral print T – Shirts in this summer collection will have you ready for the shows and outdoor BBQs throughout the season.

Full outfit Selected Homme Navy Striped t shirt jeans

Only and Sons floral print full pic Selected Homme inverse navy cream stripe full pic with jeans Selected T Shirt burgandy stripe 2 Selected T Shirt burgandy stripe





























We know, the temperature has dropped a little. But last week was tropical! Only and Sons provide us all with these tailored cut shorts to make sure we tan up our legs this Summer! 2 different looks.

  1. Denim
  2. Military Green chino

Both are on trend this summer and you will be able to dig them out for years to come.

Only and Sons denim shorts Only and Sons military green shorts